What is an ethanol fireplace?

Wat is een ethanolhaard?

Ethanol fireplaces (alias bioethanol fireplaces) are alternatives to traditional fireplaces with a real flame producing no dangerous chemicals or smoke. Currently, modern houses and apartments are equipped with bioethanol fireplaces that are fireplaces burning ethanol and having no chimney. Though, certain versions of ethanol fireplaces are sometimes being used as decorations they mostly and initially serve as supplement heat. Designers use it to put a special touch of a classical style to the house or use it to make the interior of the apartment even more modern and fascinating. Since certain bioethanol fireplaces are portable, it becomes possible to change the design of the interior whenever the need comes. They do not become a hindrance to colossal changes when the time for changes comes. The only feeling of “homey” equipped with ethanol fireplaces comes up with the desire to give a touch of warmth to the house.

What is the difference between bio ethanol fireplaces and gel fireplaces?

Bioethanol fireplaces are more environmentally friendly as compared with gel fireplaces. Since the first uses fermented sugars which makes it biodegradable, thus it causes less harm to the environment if any. Besides, bioethanol fireplaces are easier to use. You need to refuel the fuel burner whereas gels are used in canisters and when empty they are removed.

How does an ethanol fireplace work and is it safe?

Ethanol being highly flammable requires attention towards its usage. Thus, every user of the ethanol fireplace should maintain the safety instructions for their usage. The emissions from ethanol fireplaces are released directly to the room. Emissions may contain mostly carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, or may contain some odor thus having their impact upon the quality of the indoor air. Irrespective of their emissions, they are harmless and easy to use.


Where  and why you should use bio ethanol fireplaces?

Today’s  rich choice of ethanol fireplaces available in diverse designs gives the advantage of making a good choice in accordance with the customers’ requirements. Manual fireplaces intend the users’ intervention in the process of refilling the fuel burners whereas automatic ethanol fireplaces exclude direct contact with the fuel since fuel is kept in a  special reservoir. The possibility of regulating the size of the flame, remote control promotes the maintenance of keeping the burning parameters stable. Certain bioethanol fireplaces have a more processed safety system. They are equipped with special sensors that extinguish the flame when the fireplace reaches high temperatures or when the sensor detects dangerous situations such as low oxygen or natural disasters which may make the fireplace uncontrollable if not the safety system that turns it off thus excluding the fire that would happen if it went out of control.

The low installation costs, easy in maintenance, and use, the easiness in cleaning up the fireplaces make them a real necessity for those houses and apartments that need supplement heat. Thus,  users may install bio ethanol fireplaces in almost every room as well as outdoors. Bio ethanol fireplaces can be installed even in spa rooms or bedrooms! Thus, your colder months become even more enjoyable with environmentally friendly, modern, and safe bio ethanol fireplaces without causing undesirable and harmful effect.

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