How safe is a bio ethanol fireplace?


Bio ethanol fireplaces with outstanding designs are not only enjoyable for eyes and intended at consuming the customer’s aesthetic requirements they are also safe as compared with traditional gas fireplaces that have the potential to blow down the whole house!

If the customers’ priority of option regarding fireplaces is  focused on safety than bio ethanol fireplaces are indeed a good choice. Bio ethanol is a green source of energy that does not throw to the air smoke, ashes, and the presence of Carbone dioxide is  so insignificant that sometimes it is even not felt at all.

However, direct contact with fire or fuel is dangerous anyway. Due  to the fact that most of the present-day bio ethanol fireplaces provide the ability of actual control over the fire and heat level makes bio ethanol fireplaces safer than wood or gas fireplaces. The temperature of the fire cannot reach uncontrollable levels since the convenient control panel makes the operation process with fireplaces easier than one could imagine. The necessary amount of the fuel is pumped from the container automatically thus excluding over-fueling the fireplace. In addition the simplicity of bio ethanol fireplace refueling reduces the possibility of fires when refueling.

Wooden or gas fireplaces often get deformed because of high temperatures resulting in irreversible damages to the device if not to the surrounding furniture as well. If fireplaces are not only designers’ desire of giving special charm to the apartment but also a supplement heating system in your house than family safety is of priority.

Nevertheless, the space equipped with fireplaces should have a ventilation system. Bio ethanol fireplaces do not require extra ventilation systems since the carbon dioxide that is emitted is not dangerous for human health thus neither the air nor the heat leaves the room. But the fact is that bio ethanol fireplaces use the air in the room to as a fuel as well. If the fire is on for several hours it is advisable to open a small window and let the fresh air in despite the fact that the adverse effects of bio ethanol fireplaces have not been  registered yet.

The flame size of bio ethanol fireplaces is supposed to be proportional to the size of the room. Flame adjustment occurs with the adjustment of oxygen to the fire. Parallel to the manual ethanol fireplaces, there are also fireplaces with microprocessors regulating the size of the fire. Microprocessors measure the external temperature and automatically turn the burner off if the external temperatures are extremely high.

Making a reliable choice regarding the bio ethanol fireplaces intends paying close attention to the quality of the product as well. It not only provides heat but also may change the quality of the air in the house and produce a direct impact on the environment. However, bio ethanol fireplaces should not be left unattended. Bio ethanol fireplaces are thought to be relatively new inventions and are welcomed mostly by designers and architects thus   issues related to safety should not be ignored.

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